Market is now on a nose dive!

These are the 3 things that guide me in my investment journey today:

1. The virus situation will end – China has demonstrated that it can be contained. Also read that in US there are many flu virus they have always been living with, COVID 19 in fact is not particularly more deadly. So even if it persist, the panic will be over once we get used to it.

2. No point asking when the drop is going to stop and how much more it can go as no one knows!

3. Singapore has a good chance of having a strong rebound. Now that the fund mgrs have cashed out, may make sense for them to reconsider the deployment.

– compared to other major markets, we are now very cheap! Index wise, the first time Dow Jones is at this price level is 2017. For sti, the first time we are at this price level is 2006!

Will go for my shopping after lunch… hope I don’t over spend!