Time To Listen Up

It is time to listen up.
In my last post on 17 Jan 2021, I talked about my returns at 31%.
Within 3 days, it has went up to 34.8%.
On the bright side, I can shout “Hurray, I am a genius!”
Because many of the stocks I picked and I have declared publicly on FB Live with JR_Chai, My Last Webinar on my Strategy, My Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group, this Blog and also My FB Page are just going up.
For SG Side:
Singtel (As per this post) – In S$2.310, as of 20 Jan S$2.470.
Powermatic Data (As per this FB Live) – In S$2.510, as of 20 Jan S$2.640
For the US side:
CRNC (As per this post) – In US$53.50, As of time of writing US$120+.
APPS (As per my webinar with Financial Mall) – In US$38.30, As of time of writing US$60+.
GOOG (As per this FB Live) – In US$1438, As of time of writing US$1840+
Do note that all the shares above I held for less than 1 year.
Nevertheless, as an investor in the market for over 10+ years, I am stay on the side of caution when things get so exuberant.
Yes. In my opinion, the market seems to be too “Happy”.
So what will I do from here?
1. Relook at your portfolio and looked into the companies.
2. Understand what are the catalyst you are looking out for.
  • For myself, I follow this way of choosing a company – such as (1) having a theme, (2) quantitative from Fundamental Scorecard (which was explained during the webinar), and having more time this way for (3) qualitative from my own research.
  • The above allows me to easily recalls the catalyst I am looking out for.
3. Sell some if you realise your proposition no longer holds.
4. Consider looking at unknowns – Companies no one is really looking at now.
5. Most importantly, CONTINUE TO STAY VESTED and ENSURE THAT YOU DO HOLD SOME CASH for any potential downside.
Basically, I am NOT saying that a market correction is long overdue.
There is no need to go full cash. 
But as investors, we must practice risk management and proceed with caution.
For my next post, I will start writing on APPS. Stay tuned.