What to do with $1m?

From time to time, members from telegram or forum drop this question, what to do with $1m or $xxxk cash? I am guessing the person has a windfall. If the sum is accumulated through other means, the question will be different.
Assuming $1m windfall, this is what I do,
10% for missionary and charity,
5% for spending and splurging,
45% for equity that grow 10% or more and
40% for fixed income that yield 4% or more.
Do I have to work even I have this windfall? Yes, my cash flow generated is only $16k and it hardly covers 2 months of my household expenses.
My goal is to have equity to accumulate up $1.17m after 10 years and start drawdown at 5% per year. That way, my cash flow improves from $16k to $74.5k assuming my fixed income remains.
Do I have to work by then? Maybe. More important I have a choice not to work.
What to invest? Both S&P500 and S-Reits ETF fit the criteria; else a Robo-adviser and S-Reits combination do the same task.
My problem, where to get the $1m windfall?
The above is not financial advice