Market outlook next week

I watched US Friday trading session. It was a roller coaster after sharp sell-off on Thursday. The word on the street is, due to the fear of 2nd wave of Covid-19. Seriously, does anyone even believe this? US is not out from the 1st Covid-19 yet, what 2nd wave!?

The bull and bear were dancing, flirting with each other along 34-MA on Friday. The index ended up with doji and they got married at the end of the session.

The problem is, while the bull and bear are having good time over the weekend, they leave the rest of the world limbo. In short – no direction.

Alternatively, instead of guessing, Fed published its Monetary Policy Report on 12th June, Friday. The report has details of current economic situation and development. Take the report as a benchmark, news that I doubt their credibility, I shall cross reference with it.

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