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Financial Mall offers learn investing courses by industry practitioners with decades of experience covering investments across asset classes.

Our investment coaches are trainers and specialists in investments in both the Singapore and US Stock Market, Real Estate, REITs, Options, ETFs and Financial Planning

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Each of our coaches is armed with decades of investment experience in their field. With the vision of “Everyone Makes Sound Investment Decisions”, the coaches will be focused on helping you to meet your investment objectives.

Financial Gym

Learn how to build extra income streams for a meaningful retirement.

Learn how to wealth accumulation systems to invest smart and retire wealthy today.

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US Stock Focus

Investing in US stocks – more opportunities & diversification from Singapore stocks.

Learn investing in the US market through step by step guidance with weekly and monthly support provided.

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Real Estate

Learn the 7 tools to be a Successful Property Investor.

Learn how to analyze property like stocks, calculating the fair value of the property and getting the RIGHT timing in entering the market.

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Options Trading

Trading Options safely for Wealth Accumulation.

Learn important knowledge required in Options Trading through a
3 – Step FAR process, and get monthly study and support groups to assist you in your options trading journey.

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