Create Wealth Accumulation Systems

Have you ever got this feeling: Your investment is not making money for you… or your wealth is not accumulating over time? then you may have got the wrong investment mindset!

In this seminar, I will be sharing on my 6 Wealth Accumulation Systems comprises of Endowments, Unit Trust, ETFs, Stocks, REITs and Real Estate. More importantly, I will explain why this is the investment strategy that is most suitable for retail investors and the process in building up these different systems!

You will be getting these 3 main takeaways from this seminar:

  1. Case study of how these systems have helped me tide through this COVID period
  2. Understand ETFs – why they are a useful component in our wealth accumulation systems!
  3. The correct mindset in snowballing your wealth!

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Monday, 24 May 2021

8 – 10 pm

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