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My Biggest Position and Highest Conviction Company For 2021

A lot has changed since my last article on Digital Turbine (aka APPS) – Although just a few days away, but APPS has become my biggest position and become my highest conviction company probably for 2021 right now. This will also be my 4th article on APPS this year. For this article, I will be writing on […]

2021 Strategy Series: Palantir Technologies – PLTR

Vested with an initial price at US$22.25. This company came out of nowhere, went on a direct listing and caught everyone by surprise. I remember the marketing was that this company helped the US government catch terrorist. At least that was what I remembered. I was a bit turned off by it. This made me lose […]

2021 Strategy Series: Nio Inc. – NIO

Vested with an initial price at US$43.85. Electric Vehicle (EV) is the talk of the town. I am sure most of us have some form of EV related companies in their portfolio. I do have more than a couple of EV companies in my portfolio – the last discussed CRNC is one. *Do note that […]